Wadson Fund

Wadson Fund

We seek to include both tech and human capacity in developing our portfolio for the newfund.



Wadson Ventures is seeking to launch its first open Fund.

Wadson Fund I will build on the experience of Wadson Ventures which has been providing support to early stage impact driven entrepreneurs in East Africa over the last 5 years.

The new fund will expand the reach and impact to more entrepreneurs.

Social Mission :  To support impact driven enterprises that solve key social, economic and environmental problems in Africa, driven by Africans.


  • Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas at the very early stage face a variety of problems that hinder or slow down their capacity to grow and maximize their profits and social impact.
  • Few impact investors are willing to provide patient capital to early stage African startups focused on the poor, creating a gap in funding for social enterprises pioneering new models of inclusive business.
  • Most of the support and funding coming into Africa goes towards start-ups founded by non-black Africans, even though operating in Africa.
  • Beyond investment capital, startups lack the distribution networks, consumer trust, and local know-how needed to take smart, informed risks and successfully deliver innovative solutions that combat poverty.
  • Even with the right investment and technical support, early stage startups struggle to provide end-user financing solutions to make their products and services truly affordable to low income customers.
  • Non tech Small and Medium Enterprises are mostly neglected by traditional venture capital.
  • Traditional financing in terms debt from financial institutions is hardly available to startups and SMEs, and if available, its very very expensive to make any meaningful impact.


Investment Information

Manifesto: Focus on the entrepreneur beyond just the business, Support beyond the financing, Locally founded startups.

A mix of high risk capital to high growth focused capital via SAFEs, Convertible Debt and Equity; and traditional stable SMEs via Debt and Revenue Share that will help reduce the Fund’s overall risk.

Early stage: 1st or 2nd institutional investor in Pre-seed, Seed, A and B and evergreen investments to maintain ownership

Sectors: Smart startups and growing SMEs in sectors solving economic, social and environmental challenges for masses of people. Key sectors- renewable energy, healthcare, hospitality, retail, agriculture and food security, education, consumer focused products, fintech among others.

Location: East Africa for first few years – markets that are growing fast.